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As a Center of Excellence, your team will be trained to better identify asymptomatic patients who need to be screened for risk of heart disease. We will train your team of primary care providers on how to use the most up to date technologies in preventive cardiovascular care.

Gain access to:

> On Site Training and Program Implementation

On-site training for physician leadership, medical education team, and administrators:

  • CAC reading and results

  • CAC timeline

  • Operations

  • Policies and procedures

  • Scheduling and supplies


> Early Detection Program Materials


Receive custom CAC educational materials for Cardiology/Radiology departments, primary care providers, self-insured employers, community, OB/GYN


Receive comprehensive CAC Physician Resource Manuals and template department forms for for primary care, cardiology, and radiology


Receive program marketing materials


> Sustainable Business model


Methods for economic impact analysis/projections


Quarterly performance monitoring
(clinical and economic performance)


Increased appropriate patient volumes


Standardized performance and outcomes>


Reimbursement when available

> Recognition as part of a growing network of heart health pioneers


International and local program recognition

Network access to other SHAPE Accredited Sites


Standardized Performance Benchmarking


Quarterly internal and National benchmarking

  • Program development

  • Patient selection

  • Referral patterns

  • Patient outcomes

  • Economic impact

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