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Heart attack prevention and the early detection of coronary artery disease efforts have become a global priority as CVD remains the number 1 killer worldwide and becomes more prominent in developing areas.

The recent paradigm shift toward preventing coronary events and identifying early stage disease before the onset of symptoms has created worldwide demand for programs such as the SHAPE/Heart Health Centers of Excellence (Coronary Calcium Scoring or Carotid IMT program development) and the SHAPE Provider Certification program (physician and non-physician provider training on how to better identify at risk patients and utlize CAD screening to better manage patients).


The SHAPE/Heart Health Certified Centers of Excellence program has recently secured commitments for the first International Centers of Excellence! The first SHAPE Certified International Centers will include Germany, Norway, Brazil, and Portugal. A national effort is also underway with heart attack prevention experts and local leadership in Argentina and Lebanon to implement a series of Centers of Excellence in those regions.


The Internet based SHAPE Provider Certification program is proving very popular and a valuable marketable differentiation among physicians internationally. The Provider Certification program is now endorsed and recommended by the Serbian Heart Foundation and the Bulgarian Society of Cardiology to its membership. Additionally, physicians from over 12 countries have already participated in the program including China, Russia, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and many more.

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