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SHAPE Summit Presentations AHA 2012 – Los Angeles, CA


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Daniel Berman, M.D. Director of Cardiac Imaging and of Nuclear Cardiology at Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles, CA Professor of Medicine at UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA Opening Remarks

Morteza Naghavi, M.D. Founder of SHAPE and Executive Chairman of the SHAPE Task Force Moment of Silence Honoring the Late Dr. S Ward Casscells, a Pioneer in Early Detection of the “Vulnerable Patient”

Matthew Budoff, M.D. Director of Cardiac CT Imaging, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute: Professor of Medicine, Harbor UCLA Medical Center, Torrance, CA Latest developments in non-invasive imaging of atherosclerosis using coronary calcium

Tasneem Naqvi, M.D. Director, Echocardiography Services, Medical Director, Non Invasive Diagnostic Services, University of Southern California, Cardiac amd Vascular Institute, Los Angeles, CA Latest developments in non-invasive imaging of atherosclerosis using carotid ultrasound (CIMT and Plaque) In the New Era of PCI

Jagat Narula, M.D. Professor of Medicine, Philip J. and Harriet L. Goodhart Chair in Cardiology, Director of Cardiovascular Imaging Program, Mount Sinai’s Zena and Michael A. Wiener Cardiovascular Health; Associate Dean for Global Health, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY Coronary CT Angiography

P.K. Shah, M.D. Director, Division of Cardiology Director, Oppenheimer Atherosclerosis Research Center Shapell and Webb Family Chair in Clinical Cardiology Professor, Cedars-Sinai Professorial Series

Erling Falk, M.D., Ph.D. Chief of SHAPE Guidelines Editorial Committee Professor of Pathology and Cardiology, Aarhus University Hospital (Skejby), Aarhus, Denmark HRP BioImage Study: Preliminary Observations How much of the variability in subclinical arterial disease can be explained by risk factors?


Alan Rozanski, M.D. Interim Chief, Division of Cardiology, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Professor of Medicine, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Lessons Learned from the EISNER Trial

Harvey Hecht, M.D. Professor of Medicine, Associate Director of Cardiac Imaging, The Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY Planned NIH Study: Comparing SHAPE with Status Quo

Raimund Erbel, M.D. Professor of Medicine, University of Essen Director of Department of Cardiology, West German Heart Center, Essen, Germany Lessons learned from the Heinz Nixdorf Recall Study

Robert Superko, M.D. Chief of Medical Affairs – Celera Adjunct Professor, Mercer University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Atlanta, GA What is the Role of Genetics and Biomarkers in Prevention?

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