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Wadea Tarhuni, MD,


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Dr. Tarhuni is the President of Canadian Cardiac Care & Windsor Cardiac Centre, where he is the leading cardiologist. Dr. Tarhuni is licensed in Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan as well as in Michigan. He is a fellow of:

1) Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Internal Medicine and Cardiology
2) American College of Physicians,
3) American College of Cardiology,
4) American Society of Echocardiography
5) American Heart Association.

Dr. Tarhuni has affiliation with the following universities:

1) University of Saskatchewan
2) University of Western Ontario

Dr. Tarhuni is an exemplary cardiology leader in Canada as reflected in his certification by the Canadian Certified Physician Executive Program that attest he has the leadership capabilities, knowledge and skills needed for successful performance and, more important, to direct, influence and orchestrate change in Canada's complex health care system.

He led the Windsor Cardiac Centre to the first ever outpatient Echocardiography accreditation in Canada. He established two unique clinics within the Windsor Cardiac Centre, the Chest Pain Clinic that treats cardiac patients from the two local hospitals and alleviates the burden from the Emergency Department and the INR clinic that provides immediate INR testing and follow up. He continuously researches and adopts cutting-edge cardiac care technologies that enhance patient care. Such is the case of the Cardiophone, a wireless real-time ECG recording device that was demonstrated for the first time in the history of marathons last September where around 20 runners wore it. And such is the case of the HandiECG, a handheld ECG device that does not require leads.

Building on two successful and leading clinics, Dr. Tarhuni established Canadian Cardiac Care to expand his cardiology services nationwide and internationally at humanitarian, educational and professional levels. At the humanitarian level, he contributed to hunger relief in Somalia during the drought of 2010 and he established a medical relief lifeline to Libyan refugees in Tunisia during the turmoil of 2011-2012. At the educational level, he launched an awareness initiative in Egypt called “Together for Life” to emphasize the importance of CPR and heart attack and stroke preventative measures in saving lives. In this regard, he conducted numerous training sessions and lectures for doctors, nurses, sport clubs and schools in Egypt. The program is designed to cover the entire Arab world. At the professional development level, Dr. Tarhuni is active bringing doctors in developing countries up to par with the latest medical knowledge in the developed world.quickly identified for treatment avoiding inappropriate discharges.

As an interventional cardiologist, CT imaging of the heart has become an important and invaluable part of my clinical practice in Cardiology.

Dr. Tarhuni is active in the medical community and participated in numerous hospital and medical committees programs, such as the Saskatchewan Stroke Strategy, the Moose Jaw Union Hospital Sepsis and Quality programs, the Heart and Stroke Foundation awareness program and the American Society of Echocardiography guidelines. He is also active in community programs that raise the awareness of the general public about cardiovascular diseases and how to prevent them. This includes the numerous lectures he delivered, exhibits in malls, shows and festivals as well as programs for targeted groups such as women, aboriginal, children and secondary school students. Dr. Tarhuni is also an advocate for the preservation of a pure natural environment. He is led an initiative called Healthy Planet-Healthy Heart to promote a clean natural environment where exercise is performed at its best for optimal cardiovascular health and where sustainable practices are observed in his clinic.




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