Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication

Centers of Excellence - Program Components

  1. SHAPE/Heart Health Program
    A scientific and clinically based educational program to increase referrals of “appropriately indicated” patients

    1. Onsite training of physician leadership 
    2. Onsite training of medical education team
    3. Onsite training of administrators
    4. Custom CAC educational material
      1. Cardiology/Radiology
      2. Primary care
      3. Self-Insured employer
      4. Community
      5. OB/GYN
    5. Program marketing materials
    6. Physician reference materials
    7. Comprehensive CAC Physician Resource Manuals
      1. Cardiology
      2. Primary Care
      3. Radiology
    8. Economic impact analysis/projections
    9. Ongoing performance monitoring
      1. Clinical performance
      2. Economic performance

  2. CT/CAC Operations Development Package

    Ensures operational efficiency and standardization of patient selection, image acquisition, CAC results reporting, and patient outcomes management

    1. Onsite training
      1. Business and financial
      2. CAC reading and results
      3. CAC timeline
      4. Operations
      5. Policies and procedures
      6. Scheduling and supplies
    2. Template department forms
    3. Template Policy and procedures

  3. Certified SHAPE/Heart Health “Center of Excellence”

National and local program recognition
Increased "appropriate patient volumes
Standardized performance and outcomes
Reimbursement when available
Network access to CAC Centers

4. Performance Benchmarking

Quarterly internal benchmarking
i. Program development
ii. Patient selection
iii. Referral patterns
iv. Patient outcomes
v. Economic impact

Quarterly National benchmarking
i. Patient selection
ii. Referral patterns
iii. Patient outcomes
iv. Economic impact


Become a SHAPE Certified
Medical Professional

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Become a SHAPE Certified
Center of Excellence

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Carotid Intima Media Thickness ultrasound training.

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