Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication

Centers of Excellence - Program Benefits

  1. National and Local program recognition
    1.  Increased utilization and referra
    2. Increased community awareness
    3. Competitive edge
  2. Program recognition and referrals from SHAPE Website
  3. Scientific and clinically based CAC program vs. “direct to consumer”
    1. Increased physician acceptance and participation
    2. More sustainable
    3. Standards
    4. Eliminate expensive marketing budget
  4. Increased patient volumes
    1. Primary care referrals
    2. Cardiology utilization
    3. OB/GYN referrals
    4. Self-insured employer screening programs
    5. Community education campaign
  5. Increased cardiovascular service revenue
    1. Revenue to CT department for CAC procedure
    2. Substantial revenue from procedures following positive CAC studies
  6. Improved medical management strategies leading to superior outcomes
  7. CAC program development and operations optimization
    1. Standardization
    2. Meet compliance and QA objectives
    3. Operational efficiency
    4. Patient throughput
  8. Benchmarking
    1. Internal performance, clinical, and economic benchmarking
    2. National performance, clinical, and economic benchmarking
  9. Reimbursement priority


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Become a SHAPE Certified
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Carotid Intima Media Thickness ultrasound training.

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